December 03, 2008

elephant roach by OWL BRAIN ATLAS on The S.P.I.N. Cycle Episode 2

Click here to listen to the podcast. The S.P.I.N. Cycle playlist for December 3, 2008: Thee Heidlecrumbs - Live @ Megavod Nov 2008 Pt 2 Endometrium Cuntplow - Night Digging Dental Work - Sluts don't cry Tourturing Nurse - Cocoanut Active Charcoal OWL BRAIN ATLAS - elephant roach Orgy Of Noise - Noise is Music The Haters - Audiothecary 2004 Cozmic Shenggy - Milking Jupiter Call Me On The Allophone - Some Cases Can Be Difficult Android Agitated - Track 1 Rubbish - Roil Jihad Basidiomycota - Simulacra Enjoy Drinking Gasoline Abesta - Malformado Prehistoric Fucking Moron(s) - Nothing Can Save Your Face Big Sugar Victorious - Dada 1963 Oh What A Mess Oubliette - Oubliette/Weather split cassette Thee Heidlecrumbs - Live @ Megavod Nov 2008 Pt 1 Listen to a new episode of The S.P.I.N. Cycle, a weekly podcast internet radio show every Wednesday at 4:20 PM Eastern. S.P.I.N. on MySpace

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