August 06, 2022

Owl Noise Zero Rereleased by Post-Asemic Press

The first Owl Brain Atlas album, Owl Noise Zero, has been rereleased by Post-Asemic Press!

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February 13, 2013

Video: OWL BRAIN ATLAS "amigo"

The tenth (and final) issue of Red Lightbulbs features a brand new Owl Brain Atlas video, "amigo". ♥


December 17, 2008

OWL BRAIN ATLAS is Band of the Day at A NEW BAND A DAY

Today's New Band - Owl Brain Atlas PLUS! Nightmares! Sweat! Christmas! posted by Joe 17 December 2008 Every morning I walk through Manchester city centre. And every morning I listen to my iPod on the way. So far, so mundane. Like everyone, sometimes I find it tough to match the music with my mood. This morning, though, there was a pleasing moment where I found myself to be in the crossover area of a music/life Venn Diagram. Perched on a traffic island, between two lanes of thundering, aggro-pumped office-drone drivers, Orbital's The Box pinged into life, and suddenly, there was a real-time musical soundtrack seemingly reacting to the furious ebb and flow of the whooshing city life. Feeling detached from the real world, I fairly skipped on through the streets. It's amazing that music can tally so closely with what you are doing. I imagine that if i was wandering through the mean streets of Bournemouth - a town memorably described by Bill Bryson as "God's waiting room" - and Cliff Richard's Millennium Prayer popped onto the radio, the world might end in a vortex of synchronicity. If I found myself in the place where the sounds of Today's New Band fitted perfectly, I'd probably head for the hills sharpish. Owl Brain Atlas (Yes!!!) make sound that would fit in your most lucid nightmares, or most confusing dreams. Also, let's just dwell on Owl Brain Atlas' name for a second. Barking mad, and yet fittingly weird for the sound-poems of J. D. Nelson, the brains behind the, er, Brain. He says his music is, "spoken noise, ambient word, lo-fi noise poems, electroacoustic sound art," and this description is a good example of the nail/head interface being struck cleanly. His music/sound/wordless poetry might sound like a pretentious idea, but it's executed in a pared-down yet dense manner; substance clearly triumphing over style. Like bad dreams, the 'songs' are short, direct and terrifyingly evocative of the clammy panic of a turbulent night's sleep. There are separate tracks, with titles like Doktor Tongues, 1 and Music For Zilbread, but listen to them altogether for the full dosage. It's a heady, dizzy experience that'll leave you even more thankful for the upcoming comfort of Christmas with your loved ones. Listen here! Labels: confusion, SATAN, satisfyingly short A NEW BAND A DAY

December 03, 2008

elephant roach by OWL BRAIN ATLAS on The S.P.I.N. Cycle Episode 2

Click here to listen to the podcast. The S.P.I.N. Cycle playlist for December 3, 2008: Thee Heidlecrumbs - Live @ Megavod Nov 2008 Pt 2 Endometrium Cuntplow - Night Digging Dental Work - Sluts don't cry Tourturing Nurse - Cocoanut Active Charcoal OWL BRAIN ATLAS - elephant roach Orgy Of Noise - Noise is Music The Haters - Audiothecary 2004 Cozmic Shenggy - Milking Jupiter Call Me On The Allophone - Some Cases Can Be Difficult Android Agitated - Track 1 Rubbish - Roil Jihad Basidiomycota - Simulacra Enjoy Drinking Gasoline Abesta - Malformado Prehistoric Fucking Moron(s) - Nothing Can Save Your Face Big Sugar Victorious - Dada 1963 Oh What A Mess Oubliette - Oubliette/Weather split cassette Thee Heidlecrumbs - Live @ Megavod Nov 2008 Pt 1 Listen to a new episode of The S.P.I.N. Cycle, a weekly podcast internet radio show every Wednesday at 4:20 PM Eastern. S.P.I.N. on MySpace

November 25, 2008


ZRadio Show 258 1. Crack Und Ultra Eczema - You Really Under The Sea 2. The Normals - I Couldn't Get High 3. Memes - We All Can Be Happy.wav 4. Teenage Strangler - Disappeared 5. Scribbler - My Old Lady 6. The Film - Random Heart 7. Torturing Nurse - B 8. Foot Village - Iran 9. Zomgrul Octim - Enchanting Boy 10. OWL BRAIN ATLAS - Free Creep Talk 11. The ?'s - A Ke Te Ku Re! 12. Mutoid Man - Clap Hands 13. Iron Bitchface - Werewolf Ate My Foot 14. Billy Bao - Dislocation 15. Japanese Businessman - The Stranger 16. Rickman - Regrets 17. Herr Jazz - Olympia 18. John Weise - Diamond Mine 19. Empty Shapes - Bang Bang Talk 20. Dental Work - The Cast Of Weenis 21. Buckets Of Bile - Outside Mind 22. A Fashionable Disease - Superbowl In Iraq 23. The Mexican Fruit Flies - Track 8 24. Hot Guts - Did You Not Go To The Dance Alone 25. Dirty Beaches - Night Train Rumble 26. Anthony Saunders - The Blade Tolls Like A Bell For Miles 27. Fatih/Lightspeed - NYC Almost Killed Me 28. Midiman - Pyramid Talk 29. The Fitz Blitz - Box Truck Kids Click here for audio link FREE CREEP begins at about 33:50 - but you should listen to the whole damn show because it's badass. DIG! ZRadio on MySpace ZRadio website

October 31, 2008


Selections from my album, OWL NOISE 0 have been lovingly remixed by ZOM(B). Visit ZOM(B)'s profile to listen to his track, LndaVowl Vs ChknBrnDwrf as well as his other spooky sounds.

October 24, 2008

Gumball Rimpoche remixes OWL BRAIN ATLAS

Selections from my album, OWL NOISE 0 have been lovingly remixed by Gumball Rimpoche. Visit Gumball Rimpoche's profile to listen to his track, jd in the mrownie hole and be sure to check out his other brilliant sounds.

October 19, 2008


25 tracks (33:54)

01 Emma's Dots
02 TX-T
03 Your Time has Come
04 Magnum Fours
05 Ogre-Go
06 Next Dwarf
07 elephant roach
08 My Hat Eddy
10 Linda Vaughn
11 The Word Became Flesh
12 Come On Down
13 Free Creep
14 The Trial
15 Monster Will
16 Self-Addressed Stamped Ezra
17 The Vine and the Branches
18 corporate cock-rock crossover
19 weird owl
20 You're Scaring Me
21 let's have fried chicken for dinner
22 in a perfect world, you'd complain that you were bored
23 7, 8, 9, 10
24 it didn't grow legs and walk away
25 what's with those crossed sabres?

J. D. Nelson: Spoken Noise & Ambient Word
Recorded 2000-2005 in Boulder & Lafayette, Colorado USA

Shure SM-57
Tascam Porta02 4-Track
Zoom 1010
Korg Pandora
Digitech Vocal 300
Casio SK100

Tracks 21-25 originally appeared at Mad Hatter's Review.

Free Download

August 27, 2008

A Celebration of Dada & Surrealism on KBOO

Two OWL BRAIN ATLAS tracks, DOKTOR TONGUES and DOKTOR TYME are included in Dada Yow!'s Refried Dada In A Lint Basket, a special Knotcast presentation for A Celebration of Dada & Surrealism on Portland's KBOO 90.7 FM. The Knotcast is scheduled to air on Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 5:00 PM (Pacific Time). Visit KBOO for more information and a schedule of events. Visit Dada Yow! for the track listing and artist information.

August 18, 2008